Plant of the month – November

Hakonechloa_macra_nicolasBotanical name: Hakonechloa macra ‘Nicolas’

Common name: Japanese forest grass

Size: 40cm x 35cm

Hakonechloa macra is a really lovely low growing grass with an arching form. Use it en-masse to soften path edges or to add movement to more structural planting. It also creates a contemporary look in containers. Unlike other cultivars the foliage of ‘Nicolas’ takes on orange and red hues as the temperature drops in autumn, before it dies back for the winter.

Where to plant: in a cool, moist spot in sun or partial shade in humus-rich soil

How to grow: plant in spring or autumn, incorporating plenty of well-rotted compost into the planting hole. It’s a relatively slow-growing plant so buy plants that are as mature as possible. Cut back old foliage in late winter/early spring and mulch lightly with compost or manure before growth starts in spring.

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