Plant of the month – October

euonymus_alatusBotanical name: Euonymus alatus

Common name: Burning bush / fire bush

Size: 2m x 3m

This hardy shrub provides the most amazing splash of autumn colour. Its dark green leaves turn vibrant shades of red and its reddish fruit splitting open to reveal orange seeds really sets this shrub apart at this time of year.

Where to plant:
Happy in any well drained soil in sun or partial shade, it’s really easy to place in the garden. Looks good in a mixed border, or woodland edge. To get the most out of it, plant it where the sun catches the foliage. Red stemmed Cornus and Rhus typhina would make great planting partners.

How to grow:
Plant during autumn or spring. When established prune during late winter/early spring, removing any dead or crossing stems to create an open framework. Then mulch around the base with a generous layer (10cm) of well-rotten manure or garden compost.

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