Plant of the month: May

Iris sibirica

Botanical name: Iris siberica

Common name: Siberian iris

Size: 1m tall x up to 50cm

This clump forming, hardy perennial creates a strong vertical accent in the border. The mid green strappy foliage appears from soil level in early spring and is followed by deep blue, intricately patterned flowers in May.

Where to plant: In full sun or partial shade in moist, fertile soil. I love to plant it where it can be backlit by the sun for maximum effect. Bold drifts are most effective. It looks amazing partnered with yellows, such as Euphorbia or Cotinus ‘Golden Spirit’. It can also be used as a marginal plant in a pond setting.

How to grow: Plant any time during the year. Propagate by division in early autumn. Divide every 3-5 years to rejuvenate the plant. Remove spent flower stalks when flowering has finished. The foliage can be cut down to ground level during autumn/winter or can be left until the new foliage appears in spring. Generally pest and disease free.


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