Plant of the month: April

Tiarella_spring_symphonyBotanical name: Tiarella ‘Spring Symphony’

Common name: Foam flower

Size: 35cm x 35cm

This is a fabulous, compact, spring flowering perennial for a shady spot. The evergreen, deeply lobed leaves are mid green with purple markings. Tiny star-shaped white/pink tinged flowers form in panicles on erect stems in spring and summer.

Where to plant: It likes a moist but well drained spot, and is as happy in clay as it is in chalky soil. Once established this hardy plant will spread. It would look great planted amidst hostas and ferns. It is also a good candidate for growing in containers. 

How to grow: Readily available from garden centres, nurseries and online, Tiarellas can be planted year round. Once established they can be propagated by division in the spring. They are generally trouble free, but keep an eye out for slugs. A quick tidy up of old foliage in spring is all the after care they need.


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