Plant of the month – February


Botanical name: Eranthis hyemalis

Common name: Winter Aconite

Meaning of name: Eranthis = spring flower, hyemalis = winter

Size: 10cm tall x 10cm wide

These bright little yellow flowers are far less widespread than snowdrops, but they are equally as gorgeous and so very welcome at this time of year. They originate from damp woodland and shady places in Europe so are perfect for naturalising under deciduous shrubs and trees. You may notice the similarity between aconites and buttercups, so it is not surprising that they are in the same family. (Ranunculaceae).

How to grow
These hardy plants are easy to grow, enjoying a fertile, preferably alkaline soil in sun or partial shade.

You can buy them from garden centres now or plant tubers in the autumn for flowering next year. (For the best results tubers should be soaked in water for 24 hours prior to planting). Over time they will self-seed creating an even more spectacular carpet, year after year.

Where to plant
Stunning in beds, borders, along pathways, rock gardens, ground cover or even in containers.

Planted with snowdrops and cyclamen they create a vibrant splash of colour throughout the winter.

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